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In freezing cold weather, it is important to give foremost consideration to the heating and cooling needs of your space. Bay Air Conditioning is here to assist you in the full-fledged process of installing a heating system that is engineered to deliver warmth throughout the day. No matter if you want the traditional furnace maintenance service or boiler repair, we deal with all sorts of HVAC services. As per the building structure and layout, we devise plans for the installation of the heating system in a way that will provide you with the optimal results. In Mont Belvieu, TX people continue to rely on our heating system installation to live in ease throughout the winter season.

With a wealth of experience in this field, our HVAC experts have a thorough understanding of different heating systems. So as per your preferred choice of budget, each installation is executed with precision. Call us today to get an energy-efficient Heating Installation Service.

Furnace maintenance service

Whether it’s the malfunctioning of the thermostat or the clogged filters that are causing the problem in your furnace we are proficient in dealing with all the work. Our highly trained and pre-screened technicians are well-versed in performing all the repair work. We provide all the services on time so that your system keeps showing optimal performance.

Heat pump services

Your heat pump is making strange noises, it’s time to have a look at the problem so that it won’t get worse in the future. We deal with all the issues with ease whether it’s a frozen heat pump or a refrigerant leak. Our experts use high-grade equipment to troubleshoot the problem in a timely manner.

Boiler repair

Broken or damaged  boiler?  We provide engineered solutions to turn back the functionality of your boiler.  Our experts first clean the boiler auxiliary equipment and later replace or repair it. We provide competitive pricing and all the details of our services are transparent.  For all the boiler tune-up services you can give us a call today. 


As the thermostat is the sensitive tool that is important for the functionality of the HVAC system.  But Various problems arise over time including dirt build-up or issues with the batteries. We sort all the thermostat settings and repair issues so that the overall functionality of the HVAC system won’t get disturbed. 

Initial Visit, Cost, Installation- Full-service Air Conditioning Replacement Service

If your air conditioner is near the end of its life span then don’t waste your money on continuous repair work. Instead, go for a reliable air conditioning installation in Mont Belvieu, TX. A replacement is worth the investment as the technology is continuously advancing and installation of an energy-efficient system can bring back the cooling comfort back to your home. We carry out an in-depth analysis of the age of the current air conditioning system and the cost of the repair work before opting for a new air conditioning system. Our professional team assists you in the selection of the right AC unit size to keep your space comfortable and climatized.

Apart from replacement, we offer commercial air conditioning maintenance plans that analyze that your system works efficiently to provide coolness and comfort. Reach us via mail or phone to get the right consultation for AC repair and maintenance.

Air Quality Audit - Top Rated Indoor Air Quality Services

Being the perfect air quality solution for your residential and commercial property we provide the best ductless HVAC systems at upfront rates. Each system comes with industry-leading warranties so that you can stay comfortable all year long. With our service offerings, you can maintain the air quality of your space with proper HVAC checks. So, it’s time to reduce the risk of serious health issues by cleaning the air inside your home. Get in touch with us now to avail our high-end services.

Ventilation system installation for Airy House

What are our main offerings?

Our main services include heating installation, residential and commercial air conditioning installation maintenance, and repair. We are dedicated to keeping your space warm during winters and cold during summers.

What’s our process for various service offerings?

Our process is quite simple and straightforward. Firstly, we provide free in-home estimates and afterward, we proceed towards consultation and finally installation.

Why choose us for furnace repair service?

Our experienced technicians deliver unmatched high-quality work round the clock. In case your furnace stops working at odd times, give us a call and we will be happy to assist you.

Who installs the heating systems?

Our licensed HVAC experts can install and repair boilers to deliver exceptional HVAC services. Apart from the installation we run new gas pipes, fix leaks, and install the heating control systems for efficient working of the system.

How do we take care of air conditioning maintenance?

You cannot live without your air conditioning unit in extreme freezing conditions. So, our knowledgeable crew is there for maintenance work quickly and professionally.

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